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Saturday, September 5, 2009

small talk six: coolest jobs ever!

I have had many jobs in my lifetime aside from writing.  I've been a cab dispatcher, worked in retail for stores like Mariposa, Boca and more.  I worked at several gas stations over the years, and was a birthday party coordinator for McDonald's children's parties.  I've worked for a bank, an office and Starbucks, in aa food court cleaning tables, customer service agent for a cell phone company and did data entry for a readers corp.

But there have a few jobs I thought were absolutely cool to have.  This weeks Small Talk Six are just those.

1.) Working at the PNE Carnival, one of the largest outdoor carnivals in the history of Vancouver, BC.

2.) Working at Sea World with the whales and dolphins.

3.) Working for a circus (part of the act) like training the elephants.

4.) Editor for a fashion magazine.(Devil Wears Prada one of my favorite movies!!!!)

5.) Working in a women's shelter, helping abused women get back on their feet.

6.) Working at a Candy factory... mmmmm

What are you favorite jobs you think would be a blast?
Go to and post yours today!


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