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Thursday, September 3, 2009

themed thursday: top ten reasons why i love back to school time

Back to school is both sad and happy for me.  Sad because summer is coming to an end and my time with my boys is going to be cut short.  No more campouts in the living room.  No more extra hour up at bedtime.  No more treats after supper simply 'because'. 

It's back to the grindstone.

This year is going to be wayyyyyyyyy different for us because Pickleboy is going to pre-school this year.  Can you see my anxiousness?  I'm wearing it clear as day.  My baby is leaving me.  But there are some good things to look forward to in going back to school and I just hang on to those.

  • No more long days as winter approaches and bedtime will be much easier when it's actually dark.
  • New adventures as the school year re-opens. Gamerboy is in grade five this year and I love to see all the neat stuff he learns and how excited he gets when he comes home to tell me. 
  • Time away from both kids (finally!) Forgetful dad and I haven't been alone in three years, since having PB. Now we get two hours a day, twice a week and FD says he wants to just sleep. Naked mind you but he wants to sleep (next to me) lol. 
  • Back to school supplies do something to do. I mean I love them! I'm constantly going to Wally-mart to smell the books, pick over all the cool gel pens and colorful notebooks and I'm 35 years old. I love back to school supplies! 
  • Making lunches. Yeah I know you are going huh? What? Nobody likes to make lunches. Well it beats listening to the wambulance when the boys whine every half hour saying they are hungry. I love lunches! 
  • Back to school clothes shopping. You can get some great back to school essentials and wardrobe fittings for your kids. Jeans $12 bucks. Shirts $7 dollars. You can't beat the deals. 
  • Looking forward to family time and spending time together on the weekends. Something about having your kids in school makes my appreciate for the weekends so much more than during holidays. I absolutely love Fridays, seeing what the boys and hubby and I will do, where we will go because we only have two together to enjoy. 
  • Cards and gifts. Okay it might sound silly because Gamer is in a higher grade. But last year he made me a candle out of soap stone. I cried. PB is going to paint pictures and make mommy day cards for me in pre-school and those are the best. I love it when school is in because I get cherish-able momentum's.
  • Sports Day.  We always have fun during sports day!
  • Field Trips.  It's one of my favorite things during back to school.  Going to Science World, the museum, fair grounds and other exciting places.  Parental supervision is needed at our son's school so it's a bonus we get to help out when we do.

What are your favorite things about back to school? I hope you come here and share them with me and others. Don't forget to leave a comment and link below.

Happy TT everyone!


Tracy on September 3, 2009 at 10:09 AM said...

Favorite things about back to school:
* Hearing about their school happenings
* Meeting people at their school related events
* House to myself
* To my surprise - football - they are both super into it and I watch all their games and have even come to like football
* More predictable routine (with a teen who now drives, summer can be a precarious negotiation time for which events are OK to attend, the need for some time with the family and never knowing what's next)

JP Shaw on September 4, 2009 at 6:50 PM said...

Thanks Tracy for posting. Aside from you I am the only one lol who posted. Oh well maybe next week.

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