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Monday, September 21, 2009

wit: totally amazing story

Sitting at home this afternoon HBO showcased a beautiful film that I just have to share.  It's called WIT a 2001 television movie, directed by Mike Nicholas and the teleplay by Emma Thompson based on the 1998 play with the same name by Margaret Edson. and it's one of the most beautifully poignant and touching tale tellings of 48-year-old Vivian Bearing a professor of English literature, known for her brevity and fond love for sonnets by Jonne Donne

The movie is narrated by Emma Thompson who gives a stunning and powerful performance as she guides you through her journey and the degradation and humiliation she suffers while dealing with aggressive Cancer Treatments.  She revels her life and goes over small moments that meant something to her both past and present, such as having a former student (now a doctor) perform a pelvic exam on her.

The doctors don't care about Vivian.  To them she is research, a greater way to teach and discover how aggressive cells mutate for cause the Cancer she has to be so trecherous.  They use her and she agrees continuously to go through these tests despite the pain she is in. 

There is a nurse though, a loving and caring individual who helps Vivian sees the human side of things and cares for her Susie Monahan who in one scene after she's left pretty out of it takes some hand cream and rubs it on Vivian with compassion.

Toward the end of her life the other visitor Vivian receives is from her graduate professor and mentor who left me with tears as she crawls into bed with Vivian and reads to her Runaway Bunny, a children's book to help ease Viviana's emotional and physical pain as Vivian realizes that she should have been kinder to others and there is more to life than intellectual WIT and that having a heart can lead you to greater things.

I found myself inspired, engaged, tearful and laughing throughout the movie as the professor quotes poetry that causes you to stop and think about death and life and love and everlasting time. 

This is a must see film and a true inspiration.  Emma Thompson is magnificent as she often turns to the camera to tell you what she is feeling, giving you a second look from a perspective we'd never get to see before.


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