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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

blog designs and makeovers

Okay well after toying with it; I finally decided to relaunch my design website.  I have several posts here concerning my design and creative endevours, but I felt it was time to move onto a more professional approach to offer others a way to connect with me - especially if they are looking for a blog makeover.

Basic run down of the site is that I offer 3 types of packages and several add ons: for what I think are fairly reasonable prices.  I'm not trying to compete with anyone else, just trying to enjoy what I do and maybe make some pocket change while I'm at it.

Services I offer are:

Blog (Pre-made and Custom) 
2 and 3 column templates
Newsletters (both plain and written for you) monthly PDF format
Blog Button
Font for sidebars, post titles and date headers
Custom Headers (Banners)
Facebook Fanpage setup to match your site
Personalized Twitter Backgrounds
your own domain for a year with blog package #3

and much more...

Being a mom who stays home, dealing with the disabilities we do concerning Pickleboy and Forgetful Dad (my hubby) it's not easy to make pocket coin, but the work I put into my sites is well worth it. 

So head on over to Blog Designs by JP and have a look - see.


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