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Friday, October 23, 2009

friday frustrations: a week of decisions

It's been a long week of decisions for both Forgetful Dad and I concerning our family, which is why I'm adding it to this weeks post for Friday Frustrations from Conversations with Moms.

First on the front was the sale of our television.  Yes we sold our tv.  Our Sony 46" beautiful flat screen LCD has now gone to a new home and we are saddened by the fact, but in retrospect all things are REPLACEABLE and we will eventually get a new one.

Why did we sell it?

Well Gamerboy is playing hockey this season and of course being ten years old he chose the most expensive position GOALIE and hockey does not come cheap.  So not cheap in fact that we sold the tv to help pay off some bills so we could manage the season financially, since it cost about five  hundred to register him, another four hundred for the equipment (that's on a deal through a friend) and another four hundred for tournaments, one of which is out of town late in March.  Good thing we have time to save up for that one so we can pay for boarding and food while on the road.

It's worth it though.

It's always worth it, especially when it's for your kids.

On a Serious Note:

Other decisions we had to make this week, or are still making concerns the H1N1, which there are tons of conversations on Facebook concerning the matter.  Do we or don't we get our kids vaccinated?

Forgetful Dad and I spoke about this at great lengths when coming to the same conclusion that we are both leary when it comes to the H1N1 vaccine.  What are the long term side effects?  Do we want our children to be used as guinea pigs?  Is it really safe?

It's not that we don't want to protect the kids.  Shit Gamer has already had H1N1 which was scary enough, keeping his isolated for over a week and trying to stay calm, wearing masks, while I prayed that neither FD or I got it, never mind the baby (pickleboy) whose only three.

I want my kids to be safe.  But what is even scarier is that here (in the Fraser Valley) there have been more deaths.  The latest being a middle aged man in his thirties.  A young girl of 26 years old in the mission died last week from the virus and she had no health complications or concerns at the time of her death.  She went into the hospital and was dead two days later.

It scares the crap out of me!

I laid in Forgetful Dad's arms and I cried.  Yes tears because I cannot even comprehend what is happening.  "I don't want to die of the flu" I whispered to him with my heart chalked so full of fear.  It's not exactly how I want to go.  How I want my boys to know I went.

Our mom died of the flu... WTF????

We worry all the time about strangers taking our kids.  We worry about someone breaking into our home and hurting us or the kids, destroying our things.  We worry and teach our children to watch out for cars and while we drive we say a prayer to be safe on the road.

Why do we have to worry about a runny nose, fever and aches and pains possibly taking our lives????

Because we've fucked ourselves.  That's why!  We are screwing this world with all the crap we are doing and we just don't seem to care enough to do anything about it.  The seasons are changing and they aren't what they are suppose to be anymore.  Winters are getting colder.  Summers are getting hotter, creating fire hazards where there shouldn't be.  We spend countless  hours worrying about what we eat, making sure it's boiled, bagged and cooked properly before consuming it so we don't get sick.

Anyhow I've bitched enough for today.  Thank God it's Saturday tomorrow.  As for the vaccine... I think we are going to wait and get more information.  Or as much information as we can get as to what and how the medicine will affect us in the long run.

All I know is that I used to be scared of what went bump in the night.  Now I'm afraid to catch a cold.  There is just something fucking wrong with that scenario, don't you think?


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