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Monday, October 5, 2009

organic batter blaster: what will they think of next?

What you are seeing is not a doctured photo.  It is real people.  Yes hang onto your hats!  I was at Walmart yesterday picking up diapers when I came across this little gem - called BATTER BLASTER and I just about rolled on the floor peeing a little with laughter.

Basically this is batter in a can.  Like whip cream in a can - only worse.

Batter Blaster is organic and you spray it onto your waffle iron or into your pan to create fluffy, yummy waffles or pancakes without having to add eggs or mix or do anything.  Why bother cooking it all?  I mean why not just sit there and spray it into your mouth for a yummy pancake tasting breakie?

When you log onto their website you will hear a jingle "Better breakfast faster - batter blaster!"

I could not believe it when I saw this.  Honestly our society has become so lazy we cannot now create pancakes the old fashioned way - which according to Aunt J, only takes five minutes.  We needed to cut down that five minute interval so we could have pancakes

With its unique, pressurized, patent pending process, Batter Blaster™ makes organic light and fluffy pancakes and light and crisp waffles in minutes! And while breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s also the most skipped meal. Batter Blaster is fast, easy and fun for the whole family. Batter Blaster makes breakfast a blast!

Just point, blast and cook!
LMAO... okay I tried it and it was fun for the kids; I have to say.  Taste was great and the kids can now make waffles on their sesame street waffle iron without making a mess, quick and easy.  Still it feels like cheating.  It's like starting a 3k run and taking a helicopter to the finish line!


Anonymous said...

i think your post was telling me good things about batter blaster? my assumption was the taste would be good (not homemade but good since it was organic i guess?) but the pitch was speed? although the kids playing with it gives it an edge.

just doublechecking that i read it right before pulling trigger.

thumbs up?


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