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Monday, October 5, 2009

flash forward: hot new drama this fall

Based on the best selling novel by Robert J. Sawyer, Flash Forward is ABC's hit show this fall.  And all I can say after watching the first episodes which I did last night is -- WOW!

Mom called and told me about it.  I'd seen the preview on the tube but had missed it because well - I love Grey's Anatomy and the Practice and Flash is on at the same time Grey's is. 

Thank God for time shifting!

So my brother had recorded the first episode and second and sent them over for me to watch.  I love this kind of drama and right off the bat you are engaged into what is going on.  And just what - is - going on?

Well right away you see a man in a car, upside down and he's been in accident.  In fact it seems it is pretty bad all around him.  There is confusion, many people crying and freaking out.  Then it jumps to four hours earlier so we can be introduced to the characters.

Without going into extreme details.  The basis of the show is that there is a global blackout.  Everyone - everywhere - around the world collapse at the same time (time differences) being taken into account of course.  Where they remain in a blackout state for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds.

Now during this blackout, one man we get to see has a vision.  A dream of sorts.  But what it actually is - is a flash forward in time.  Soon everyone begins to discuss that they too had this - flash forward and the dates are the same.  Six months in advance.

I couldn't stop watching the show, I must tell you.  I became instantly engaged with the characters as they each try to figure out these visions and some even making connections with one another because around the world if you've had a vision of someone - chances are they saw you too.

Jon Cho (Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle) fucking hilarious film and one of my favs, plays FBI agent Demetri Noh who doesn't actually experience a flash forward and thus thinks that maybe six months from now that reason being is that he will be dead.

His partner Mark Benford is played by Joseph Fiennes best known for his portrayl opposite Gweneth Paltrow in Shakespear in love.  Mark is the one leading the Flash Forward investigation where the FBI has decided to put up a website so that others may log on and put up their flash and what they saw, hoping to help them make a connection as to how this happened and if it will happen again.

Mark is a recovering alcholic with a young daughter and his wife is a doctor, played by Sonya Welger, best known as Penny Widmore in Lost (another ABC hit).  Sonya reveals to Mark in her flash she was with a man, she had feelings for him and their marriage had ended.  She meets the man in her vision in the second episode and the entire ordeal will keep you glued.

But what I find the most interesting about the show is that it has the same premise as 24.  It gives you pieces to the puzzle.  Such as while everyone at a baseball stadium is blacked out a man is caught walking around on surveillance video.  And another man known as GIBBONS whom the FBI is investigating apparently called this stadium man during the blackout, so now there are two known individuals who apparently were not affected by the blackout.

All through the show you are constantly given a little piece here and there and it begins to make sense.  I cannot wait for Thursday to see what is going to happen next.  Flash Forward is truly worth giving a try.  It's exciting and engaging and you can catch up real easy with the recaps (like the way lost did) at the beginning of each show.

*Flash Forward starts at 8pm on ABC and can also be seen at 5pm on different channels with time shifting.  If you want to know more about the show go HERE to learn more on the cast and crew and episodes previews.  YOU don't want to miss it!


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