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Thursday, November 19, 2009

my new iphone tego skin is sooooooo cool!

Okay so yeah I'm checking my mail today and Rogers Wireless (my iphone) provider is celebrating customer appreciation month!  Whoo Hoo!  Nice of them eh?  Ya, I thought so. 

So inside my inbox is this message I've won a prize for being such a great customer (thank you thank you) ahem. Immediately I got giggly, something I do whenever I'm excited.  I love winning new stuff.

I opened my gift box and it said I won a Tego Skin (one face) for my iphone 3Gs.  Ummmmm ya okay wtf is a Tego skin?

Well I discovered, being out of the loop like I am with cell phones that these skins are little stickers basically you can put on your phones to make them more personable.  How cool is that?  Ya I know, I was just as shocked NOT that you could do that.

So I went to the website and begin to design my skin.  I chose to do the back face skin instead of the front.  I wanted to create one with a picture of my boys, something basic but one I could see and love forever, because of course as a mom they are so precious to me (my guys).

Here is my skin

Nothing too fancy but there they are, my babes, my little men and now (after I have to wait) a week for manufacturing I will be able to put them on the back of my iphone and carry them with me wherever I go.  That is nifty I think.

But how do you get the skin on your phone?  Mmmmm good question.  Below is a small video on how to use a Tego skin which I found interesting.  Hope you enjoy.  I will take a pic of the skin once I get it and show it to you all and see if it turns out how I hope it will.

Thank you Rogers Wireless!

If you are a rogers wireless customer go to their website and you too can win a prize.  There are a variety of prizes to be won. 


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