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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wordless wednesday: choose a style

Okay so I'm thinking about getting my hair cut.  Right now it's black and short to my ears and shaggy and I just can't do anything with it.  I found a few cute hairstyles I really like but would like input on what you guys think.  So browse my Wordless Wednesday picks and leave me a comment with which one you like.

I love Alyssa Milano in this cut it's so adorable!

This is very sexy, Rhianna

Okay not the cut cause it's not short but what do you think of the multi colors for short hair?
Too much or funky?

Very boyish and sexy Winnona Ryder


I love this style as I am almost 40 Sharon Stone

This is just fun, kinda how mine is now but mine is unkempt and shaggier with no body lol

Please head on over to WW Headquarters to list your Wordless Wednesday and don't forget to skip around and check out other peoples posts.  Have a great day!


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