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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

vancouver canucks have new diggs!

The Vancouver Canucks have new diggs!  That's right, the boys in blue have a new place to play when they are off the ice and boy oh boy is it ever nice.  The newly developed oval shaped room has a kitchen, computer stations, whirlpools and some fancy new lockers and dressing rooms.  Apparently the room will also be used by Team Canada during the 2010 Olympics when our Nuckleheads aren't taking the space around for a spin.

The Dressing Room

The dressing room is bigger than my entire downstairs.  It's also cleaner, lmao.  Don't those jersey's look all nice hung up?  Okay anyone who plays hockey knows it won't stay clean for long with grown men throwing their equipment around.  But for now it looks spectacular.

Dressing Room

Players Lounge and Kitchen Area

I love how cozy this place looks.  It's masculine but not overly with the white chairs and large screen televison overlooking the bar area where the boys can relax before and after a game.

Bath Fun!

Okay I would love a self contained whirlpool bath like this.  I love that the color of marble is the team color for the Canucks.  It's a nice area to relax.


Workstation in case the boys want to play games on Facebook lol or Tweet!

Therapy Room where the boys get  help to work those aching muscles

Locker Room

Lounge Area

Showers (same) marble as the whirlpool area nice!

Dressing Room

Luongo's stall, he's so neat!

Medical Room

Harvey Jones, Canucks Vice President, General Manager and Arena Operations

Pat O'Neill, Equipment trainer and Mike Burnstein (right) medical trainer.  They helped design the new dressing room at GM Place.  Nice job guys!

Overall I think the whole area space is creative, clean and wonderful!  It's about time they had something new to play and relax in.  They sure have come a long way from the Pacific Coliseum... hahaha I saw those dressing rooms.  Yuck!  

Too cool the elevator that opens.  I want one!

Photographs by: Jenelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun and are property of Vancouver Sun and in no way affiliated with Rants n Rascals.



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