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Saturday, December 5, 2009

dane cook is more than a pretty face. - the guy is funny!

Okay for those of you who don't know the sexy, easy on the eyes, gruff voiced, hilarious actor/comedian Dane Cook - well shit let me tell you.  He rocks!

Here is a clip from vicious circle, his stand up show that I literally have watched a thousand times because
a.) he's sexy
b.) he's sexy and
c.) yes you guessed it he's sexy!

Why is he sexy?  

Because he's funny and I'm the kinda gal who lovessssssssss funny men.  That's why I married my husband because he makes me laugh my ass off when I need it the most, sometimes even shocking me into hysterics with his comedic repertoire toward bellying me out of my depression episodes and into a good mood.

Dane talking about crime and doing a B & E which makes me laugh

Here is where he talks about his dad and life altering situation that took place which makes me laugh because this happened to DH and Gamerboy except without the joke at the end.   DH kills himself because he wears a robe every day.

This segment made me laugh so I cried!  It's about how women are like brain ninja's when arguing with our significant others.  Very true for some... lmao

Dane is truly talented and funny.  He's a good actor as well.  Good luck Chuck was a funny movie.  I love the way he talks (chatchitting) spinning words and making you laugh at every day stuff we all have done or experienced.  Plus he 's the only person I know (like me) who calls movies cinematic adventures lmao.  If he tours to your city check him out, you won't be disappointed that you did!

Dane was born March 18, 1972, he's a year older than me... lol (funnier too).  He's released five comedy albums and has also appeared in My Best Friend's Girl, Mr. Brooks, Mystery Men, Waiting and a few others.

You can follow Dane on Twitter here
View his website here


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