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Saturday, December 5, 2009

why using brakes while driving is important

Ahhh to be a young driver. You have your license and it's new. You are driving mommy or daddy's car or suv and you are at school. You decide "hey I can handle anything." and you step on the gas a little harder than you might normal or what you were taught during those driving lessons from friends or family.

I got a call from a neighbor of mine who was laughing her butt off, not because the situation was particularly funny. But because she couldn't believe how stupid some teenagers are today when placed with the responsibility of driving.

She sent me these...

In our Co-op a neighbor had an unexpected visitor yesterday afternoon!

The young teen girl peeled out of the high school parking lot located basically right on the doorstep of our co-op and the smell of burned rubber hit your senses the moment you approached the scene as the evidence lay clear on the pavement in black tread.

She decided going fast and burning out would be fun but she forgot one very important rule.  USE YOUR BRAKES!  It was too late and she crashed directly into the backyard of one of our elderly neighbors giving the poor woman a heart attack! (Not literally) but you get my drift.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.  The girl driving was shaken up.  The cops were called.  The fence was toast and that seemed to be the least of the damage done.  Another ICBC claim we have to pay for because of some young persons stupidity in not thinking while driving!

Young Drivers of Canada should be mandatory for anyone getting their license for the first time in order to pass their exam.  Unfortunetly though it's only optional.  I myself am 36 years old and have never had my license and fully support this decision in that it should be taken in order to learn good driving habits.

Mind you yesterday also we nearly got creamed by a young drivers of canada student because the teacher was on her cell phone and he just about t-boned us.  So in hind sight I guess it doesn't really matter.  Either way if you are a new driver using common sense and not impressing your friends, driving under the influence or speeding should be something everyone follows!

Pictures courtesy of Kit-Sheila Jantzen



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