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Friday, December 4, 2009

friday frustrations: busy hockey weekend

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I can't believe it's Friday already. Time seems to be flying by (of course) with Christmas just around the corner and me, I haven't even done my cards yet!

That is something I am going to do this weekend, that and a few other things. We have a busy (hockey) weekend with the bulldogs but thankfully just practices and no games.

My lack of organization made it so Gamerboy missed Tuesday's game which he was suppose to play in Chilliwack. Can you say oops? Ya, having a ten year old refuse to talk to you because your mom skills went out the window when normally you can't shut him up without duct tape. It isn't too pretty - lol.

The boys have practice at 6am and 7am and then goalie clinic at noon. Then DH has to go and stand around the heat game at 4pm to sell 50/50 tickets which helps to pay for our son's season. It's all worth though, but that leaves Pickleboy and I to fend for ourselves.

Here is my listy of todo's

write out my Christmas cards and deliver them
make cookies
decorate the gifts I have already done
wrap presents
clean out the laundry room
clean the upstairs
vacuum the carpets because I can see little people living between the fibers
mop the floors
clean under the bathroom sink
go to mill lake for a walk with PB
Christmas crafts!

On another note.  I don't feel good.  So getting things done this weekend should be pleasant.  I think I have an ear infection or maybe a sinus infection.  My glands are swollen.  My ears ache.  My teeth hurt so bad I want to take plyers and just yank them out.

Night time is the worst because everything just hurts.  Mix that with my anxiety and the fact that I know I'm breathing but can never EVER find my heart beat and you've got one cranky mommy with no sleep!

However I am going to try to enjoy myself this weekend.  DH came home today and said I bought you something.  I bought me some hot chocolate and it nearly made me cry.  I know silly but when your husband has a brain injury and forgets everything and then suddenly remembers you.  Ya it's big time thanks for me.

If you participate in Friday Frustrations head on over to Conversations with Moms and post yourself there so other can enjoy reading about your Friday.


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