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Friday, December 18, 2009

friday frustrations: casual friday

TGIF!!! And boy am I glad it's here. I've been up since 4 am because pickle boy wouldn't go to sleep and didn't end up going to sleep until close to 3 in the morning. He kept having night terrors. Always fun.

I did get some great news. Actually it was an early Christmas Present from a friend (not to be named) a video camera so I can record life events, something to which I have wanted for a very long long time. It made me cry.

I didn't cry because of the gift but because this friend knew what having one meant to me. Having a husband with a brain injury who forgets all those little moments can be difficult. Life can be hard and when those joyous times erupt, the kids Christmas concerts, achievements they accomplish, sporting events they play. It's nice to be able to now record those events so that DH can recall them when his brain refuses to allow him those precious memories.

We haven't quite finished our Christmas shopping. Almost, but not quite. I'm glad Walmart is open until Midnight. PB (Pickleboy) doesn't do well with his Aspergers in large crowds, so it's nice to be able to take him out to finish up the holiday stuff when less people are around.

Is everyone else ready for Christmas? Do you have your tree up? Festive lights about? That is one thing DH still has to do and with ohhhhhh what is it? Only six more days until Christmas we should have our outside lights up by Easter.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday if I don't post before then and happy Friday!



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