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Friday, January 15, 2010

rants n' rascals podcast: episode 1

I want to welcome everyone to our first ever Podcast Show!

I am excited. I hope you are too, but warning: Please be kind!

I say this because neither FD: Forgetful Dad nor myself have ever done a podcast show before, so we are still learning. We thought it would be fun, something to do together and give our readers a little glimpse into who we are.

In this first episode FD and I introduce ourselves to you, who we are and how we met. We discuss online dating and there is a little clip of one of the worst phone messages ever (dating situation) I have ever heard. I couldn't stop laughing. We also introduce you to the boys and talk about them.

We hope to bring a new show every two weeks to you. Topics we will discuss will range from dealing with disabilities, raising a special needs child, family life, marriage, celebrity gossip, hockey to whatever is on our minds at the time.

We hope you enjoy listening and have as much fun as we did in recording these episodes. We also look forward to your comments which will be read out loud in future recordings.

So kick back and relax. Have a good time listening to us make asses out of ourselves lol.



Tawners said...

Well guys...I think its great! Its net to hear you two rant back and forth about life! Your too cute. Keep it up. Your relationship is wonderful and its nice to have it shared. Real life! xoxo

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