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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good for burrows

The canucks lost tonight against the Nashville predators 3-2 but the real story was Vancouver Canuck Alex Burrows, one of my favorite players ever.

The officiating during the game was crap! And I am not saying this because I am a Canuck fan. It was just garbage, the calls that were being made and it seemed while watching the refs had it out for Burrows and after the two penalties and a game misconduct because obviously he felt the same way after the game we all found out why.

Burrows stated "It all started before the game a ref came over and said I made him look bad back in Nashville and he was going to get me back. He did that in the third i think. He got me for a diving call then got me for interference which I don't know how he could call that. The fans are paying for it and all because of a guys ego and my team is paying and it isn't right..."

All I can say is holy crap! Good for you Alex for ousting what went down.

Burrows will most likely get fined for his comments. We will find out as the days progress.

Officiating is not suppose to be personal though I am sure at times it is.

Alex talking about his feelings was good because if true, he is right, all because of one refs ego we lost two points and that isn't fair to the fans or our team.

I hope the league investigates this and doesn't just blame Alex for his comments and speaking out.

To read more on this story follow this link because there is more to be said by the Canucks

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