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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sleep talking man will make your day brighter!

Okay so Shoelessmommy is over at my house watching Biggest Loser when she tells me about this blog she came across called "The Sleep-talking Man blog" and it's about this guy who talks in his sleep each night and his wife records everything he says.

I have to say I peed a little (just a little) listening and reading about the chap. The things he says are so randomly hilarious you are inhuman if you don't crack up a little.

Now apparently this man and his wife have only been married for a year and a bit, and he never did this before. Now suddenly they and everything he says has quickly become an overnight sensation. You can even buy sleep-talking man t-shirts to show your support of this couple and their hilarity.

Watch this video below and it will crack you up!

If you would like to visit the Sleep-talking man's blog and read all the funny things he says to which his wife posts online. Then visit him HERE



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