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Friday, January 22, 2010

i think i need some down time: friday frustrations

TGIF! And I mean that this week. I really do. I love Friday's especially when I've had a long week, and let me tell you this week has been long. So many things happened it would just take me too long to explain. So I'm going to list them and not in any particular order of frustration or happiness.

No sleep at all this week for myself
Pickleboy didn't sleep well either. His legs were very sore
Gamerboy won his first hockey game in net. That was exciting
All hell broke loose on Grey's Anatomy and Izzy came back (blech!)
I had no offers for blogging this week... what a drag!
Finished a redesign on my site and I think it looks great but I'm bias lol
Too many fights this week between Forgetful and Gamer which drove me bleeping! nuts.
Discovered a new site worth checking out (The sleep talking man) totally hilarious!
We have three spoons left in our house. I'm posting on this today
Forgetful has volleyball this weekend and Gamer has two hockey games which means lots of running around for mom
All in all it was an eventful week that made me totally exhausted.  I think tonight I'm going to crack a bottle of wine, kick back and wallow in my depressive mood. 



Frugal Vicki on January 22, 2010 at 7:26 PM said...

ROFL, I am stuck on Grey's Anatomy. I am still pissed Ronnie and Sammi broke up on the reunion show of Jersey Shore! Enjoy your wine!

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