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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

win a $15.00 Chapters gift card in R&R's Diamonds Contest for Meghann and Alvaro

If you had a chance to to win $20,000 in uncut diamonds and have the wedding of your dreams you would right?

Well that is what this couple is trying to do.  Meet Meghann and Alvaro.

They are in love.  They are fabulous and they are trying to win Abbotsford News Contest "Diamonds in the Rough" and need your help!

Voting is simple and easy.  Think who you want off the island lol.  So DON'T vote for Meghann or Alvaro but vote for all the others to kick them off, giving Meghann and Alvaro a chance to win the diamonds!

This couple is unique and fantastically fun!

They are one of ten couples left competing in our local contest.

In the video posted on Facebook I totally laughed.  They didn't give a whole bunch of sentimental crap about loving each other.  Their humor was dry as Alvaro talks about them being cool, awesome and amazing.  Meghan talks about wanting to go around town to say she has $20,000 worth of diamonds and pretend they smuggled them lmao.

Here is the truth though.  They do love one another and winning is important to them.  This couple believes in being honest not only with others but with themselves.  They are outrageously funny.  Check out the pics below.

Halloween 2009 Tim Burton would be proud!

At the 70's party in town!

80's night!

Meghann is a great mother and wants to win the contest so that she and Alvaro can get married and become a family.  She also said it would not hurt to help her fix up her car so she could take her kids the places they need to go.  This couple is loving and fun and deserve to win.

Enter R & R Diamonds Contest to help this couple out.  Entering is easy just read below and let's show our support!

I will be choosing a winner randomly for who gives their support to help this couple.  The prize a $15.00 gift card for COLES, INDIGO OR CHAPTERS BOOK STORE.

Entering this contest is easy

Do a blog post with a link back to this contest page and links to the voting page gets you 1 (entry)

Add a contest button to your sidebar gets you 1 (entry)

Tweet with a link to this contest page(use this link ) gets you 3 (extra entries) but please remember to come back here and post that you've tweeted with the link to your tweet and include in your tweet DO NOT VOTE FOR MEGHANN AND ALVARO... we need to vote for the others!!!!

Post your vote against the other couples NOT MEGHANN AND ALVERO on their facebook page   gets you 1 (extra entry)

Leave a comment of support for Meghann and Alvaro on this post will get you 1 (extra entry)

Example of how your post below should be added

I tweeted (here is my link) I posted on my blog (here is my link) I posted on the fanpage (facebook username) I left a comment, go Meghan and Alevero (username) I put a button on my sidebar of my blog.

In total you would receive 7 entries to win the $15 gift card!  Simple eh?

Good luck everyone!  Have fun and Good luck Meghann and Alvaro.  I am rooting for you to win!

* This contest is only open to Canadian Residents on my blog for the gift card.

* To add a button to your blog copy and paste the code below. 




shoeless mommy on January 13, 2010 at 7:40 PM said...

Ummm ok so I'm not very good at following rules or whatever but just wanna say I totally did that stuff. Not sure how to show you the links lol but seeing as you are my bf and neighbour I'm pretty sure I am disqualified anyway :P

Jada said...

Of cpurse I support Meghann & Alvaro - I hope that you get lots of hits on your blog because I messaged the link to everyone in my Facebook - except the ones who would have already seen it of course! Anwyay - Here's hoping for the best!! GOOD LUCK MEGHANN & ALVARO

Kristin F said...

Hey as a mother of a 3 year old son I love this site, all your information and now promoting a contest that we are also in... So dont vote for Kristin and Forrest lol, Meghann and Alvaro, similar to us have both been slagged on by some of the other competitors fans for one reason or another. Mostly not conforming to our communities religious or conservative princepals. Whichever its unfortunate people dont have more fun with this as you guys have. Our video was done as a mock up of your typical reality show, and people found fault with the humor. At any rate Meghann and Alvaro you have our support and would love to see you guys in the final two. Kristin from Kristin and Forrest

M on January 19, 2010 at 3:45 PM said...

Thanks, Kristin! We aren't focused on you, either. I think it would be nice if the prize went to people who actually needed it.

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