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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

life in a nutshell: olympic fever is over and it's sad: random tuesday thoughts

The Olympics are over.  The guests have left.  The clean up has begun and as I flip through the channels searching for something to watch, I cannot help but feel a tad bit sad to see them go.

It was a great 17 days.  Yes we started off on a bad note, someone dying is never a great way to start anything.  Yes our cauldron with the Olympic flame burning brightly resembled joints stuck together begging for someone to smoke them.

Yes the malfunction is something we could and did make fun of, the closing ceremonies with the clown made me laugh my ass off.  Dang!  We just didn't plug it in -- that's why it didn't work -- silly us.

And our totum poles during the opening ceremonies looked like giant vibrators with penis shaped heads - sorry guys but they just did.  Not that I own anything phallic shaped (ahem) but I have seen pictures lol.

The games were great!

Our Canadian athletes did amazing.

The world was there to party with us and we enjoyed it.

But what did I love the most about the games?

The feeling of them.  That's what I loved.

Each time I heard the Canadian anthem sung, I cried.

When our men won Gold against the Americans in hockey in a game that led my nails to bleed due to biting them non-stop, waiting for them to stick that damn puck in the net, I cried.

The Tim Horton's commercial with the African American man who buys parka's for his family coming in and meets them at the airport, kissing his wife, handing her a coffee, welcoming her to Canada, welcoming her home.  Yep, I cried.

The Olympic games gave everyone a sense of pride that we have felt forever being Canadians and a place to shine and share that feeling.  Watching my boys wave their flags, tattoos on their faces, cheering for us in curling, speed-skating, skiing, snow-boarding, hockey and luge.  It was awesome to see.

Being Canadian is a good feeling and I'm proud of Canada for being the hosts I knew we could be, for showing the world who we really are, a bunch of laid back, easy going, friendly, always smiling people who basically love EVERYONE and welcome you to our home anytime to come back and visit or party with us.

There is nothing better than that. 

Okay maybe breaking the world record for the most Gold ever won in Olympic history, but whose counting?

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