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Monday, March 22, 2010

sunday slam

Night out with the girls, at home. How convenient, and much needed since I've been feeling like crap lately. I got my tooth pulled this week, it got infected, then I got the flue or what I thought was the flu and then my period came today. Nice, eh?

So my girls came over and we cracked a bottle of red and drank and laughed, talked about love, kids, giving birth, marriage and all the fun stuff girls do when they get together and have a few.  It was relaxing and much needed, I must say.

Shoelessmommy was a bit upset with me because mom called today and asked how I felt about her and my dad maybe moving to K-town. Of course my response was -  let me know when you are going, so I can pack up my house.  I know I'm 37 turning 38 in October, but I cannot be away from my mom. I love my mom and we talk every day. We live in the same co-op and my boys are very close to her. If she and dad move, I and FD will of course follow.

It's not like moving doesn't sound appealing anyhow. I hate Abbey. I hate this town. I feel like I can't breathe. My stepson lives in K-town and the boys would love it there, the sun and beaches and shops. It's totally relaxing and gorgeous. Dry winters, not wet. Hot summers and dry, not humid. The Okanagan is just amazing!

But it's still all up in the air.  I would miss all my wonderful friends here, my kids have friends, they love their schools.  I just hate that I can't breathe here, the air quality is like sticking your head in a toilet and breathing in, muddled and crappy.

Gamer and Corky (FD) hubby do NOT want to move back.  Gamer's father lives there, and they both hate him.  Actually hate is a light colored word for it. Gamer calls his father "He who should not be named" if that clearly gives you a definition of where he stands where his biological sperm donor exists, and he's only ten.  But that is what happens when a kid watches his father beret his mother again and again, yell and scream and forget to call him over and over, blaming life for his misfortunes.

I don't blame my son really. The last time he spoke to his father was during the summer (last year) and it wasn't pleasant. My ex started a big fight and attacked me verbally in front of the kids, before leaving in a huff.  His excuse for not calling, sending a Christmas card, birthday card or anything remotely resembling contact was he forgot our address, even though we haven't moved in going on five years.  Gamer does not want to be around him.

K-town is appealing though, but I don't want to move if Gamer is going to be upset. He's doing well here, has made lots of friends, loves the team he plays for in hockey and I don't know if I want to put him back in the middle of big fights like before with "he who should not be named."

Ahhh life - what it throws at you eh?

It's Munday tomorrow, start of the new week, and three days before we leave for a hockey tournament. Hope there are no more surprises. Knowing me and Munday's though, it wouldn't surprise me.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!



singedwingangel on March 22, 2010 at 3:55 AM said...

Wow hon most of us are trying to move AWAY from our folks lol. Although my mom now resides behind me lol, but that is due to poor health and her safety... I think I would stay put, let my kids enjoy their childhood, especially if your ex is such flaming part of an animals anatomy..

~ JP ~ on March 23, 2010 at 12:31 AM said...

Well I left out a few details, but both of my parents are sick. I would also move because it's not fair to my younger brother who is six years younger than I am to take care of them alone. I won't do that to him, and with them both being ill, being near them right now makes me feel better.

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