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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

random tuesday: where are all the spoons?

It's been a quiet week here at the Shaw household, while I've been getting better after a tooth infection, the flu and whatever else God decided I needed to deal with this week.

We are getting ready to go away to K-town, Gamer has a hockey tournament coming up this weekend. He's very excited. It will be great to get away for a couple of days, blow this town and think about nothing but my family and maybe even have some fun.

So Gamer came home yesterday and went outside to play of course. I asked FD to look through his knapsack to see if he finished his homework, you know it's not that I don't believe him when he says he's done it all. But it's a moms job to stay on top of things.

So FD goes through the kids bag and HOLY CRAP! Guess what we found? No, come on guess? Okay I will tell you. We have been asking Gamer where all our utensils are going. He claimed he had no idea. I asked him if he left them at school. He said not. Well here is what we found.

19 spoons in total! I could not believe my eyes, but hey at least my darling boy didn't throw them out. However, FD and I have told him from now he's getting plastic spoons because I cannot keep buying them when we have none.



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