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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

abbotsford dairy farm was a blast!

I love Yorkdale Preschool where my son PB (Pickleboy) goes. His teacher Mrs. M is the greatest and through out the year takes the kids on learning adventures (field trips) to great places where the kids get to experience new things.

This week she took the kids to the Abbotsford Dairy Farm, just down Vye Road and PB had a blast!
The kids got to see the baby cows, pet them or let them suck on your fingers which I found quite disturbing and kinda gross, but man they have beautiful eyes. Next they got to feed the cows bread and hay and then they went into the other buildings to learn how the cows get milked.

All in all we had fun. I had never been to a dairy farm before, so it was kinda cool. I also never realized how very big a cow is. They are huge! Bigger than most horses and apparently smarter we are told, though I think that's up for discussion lol.

Here are some pics from the day!  Starting with Pickle standing in front of a very big bale of hay posing for mom.  He's so cute. God love him!

Daddy and PB feeding the cows

Pickle with a loaf to give to Betsy the Cow

Feeding Betsy

Baby Cow sucking on my fingers ewww but kinda cute lol.

Learning about the milking process

I think it's great PB's preschool takes the kids out like this and parents only have come, the entire event was free and educational.  At the end we all got chocolate milk, moms and dad's got a milk shake recipe book from Dairyland Canada and the kids got a coloring book with tips on making fruit smoothies using milk and how milk is good for them.

Thanks for such a wonderful day Mrs. M.  We all had so much fun!


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