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Thursday, April 29, 2010

friday frustrations: HST screws Canadians but the fight is far from over!

You knew it was coming.

You knew they would do it.

I mean how else can they pay for the Olympics and send billions of dollars to Haiti for earthquake relief, meanwhile millions of BC residents suffer on the brink of homeless without the ability to pay for hydro, rent, basic needs and our seniors might as well pull up a curb and paint their spot on it because that is where they will find themselves in the next few years.

The HST law was passed Thursday but the fight against the Harmonized Sales Tax which is to be set at 12% across the bar is far from over.  A grassroots petition led by former premiere Bill Vander Zalm is still growing with support.  The question is what can they really accomplish?


I signed the petition against the HST which was pushed forward as a way to help economical growth in an already struggling economy and yet all it will do is push those of us already at poverty level barely struggling, even further down the hole they have dug for us as most items which were originally exempt by taxes are now being taxed across the board.

BC joins Ontario and the 3 Maritime provinces with the HST tax.  Yeah us!  What a crock of shit!  It makes me sick to my stomach that our government is pulling more of this crap, especially when everything costs so much as it is.

My niece is in the hospital right now.  She is very sick.  My brother had to go to work, and my sister in law as well so they can pay their rent, and instead of staying in the hospital with their daughter they are shifting off because they cannot afford to be with their sick child, and to top it off they had to pay for parking the entire time she's been there or risk getting towed!

My own father drove himself to the hospital because he didn't want to pay the ambulance fee of $50 when he was having a heart attack!

There is something very seriously wrong with what Country and it needs to be fixed.  People need to stand up and say no to the HST.  We need to fight it even if we feel we cannot win, we need to fight and let our government know we will not tolerate this kind of behavior making choices for us that concern us, leaving us no voice!

Elections BC did put a stop to our government spending our hard earned money to apparently "inform" us about the HST and for trying to put a stop to what Vander Zalm is trying to do who already has 145,000 signatures and only needs 10% of each provincial riding from registered voters.

We need to keep the petition moving forward so we can vote this down.  We need to show the government we have a voice!

You can read more on the HST here from CTV.



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