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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my job chart: great way to inspire your kids to do their chores.

I loveeeeeeeeeeee this!

It's very difficult to get my boys to do anything around the house without whining, arguing or deeply persuading them that doing their chores like: putting away the dishes, cleaning their rooms, picking up toys, putting away movies, folding laundry, will one day benefit them as they grow into manhood.  I mean no mom wants to hear her daughter in law come over and complain what a lazy shit her son is because he never helps around the house!

Yeah not me.

So when I was introduced to this great  online chore chart from Mom Select called MY JOB CHART and was asked to spread the word to my readers, of course I jumped at the chance to share. This is a fantastic site, especially in the computer era we are living and a great way to inspire your kids to do their chores and take responsibility around the house for their stuff and themselves.  Best of all it's FREE!

How it works:

You as the parent log in and set up each of kids with a profile.
Then you assign jobs for each child, based on what you feel they are capable of.
Next you assign rewards based on a point system.

My Job Chart gives parents the flexibility and control over what jobs they can assign.  To start for my son Gamer we assigned the basics like (putting away the dishes) something he does every day after school right now, and things like (cleaning his room, making his bed etc...)

But you can also assign basic things like: (brushing your teeth) which my boys fight me on every day and it's a pain I tell you.  (Bathing, feeding the animals, taking out the garbage...) whatever the job you create it.  You can use the pre-made jobs from the list or create your own and you can fix or change the points to whatever you feel they should be and they get tallied up so the kids can turn them in for rewards.

What kind of rewards,  you ask?

That is the best part.

You can set the rewards to whatever you want based on things your child likes and I love it!

For Gamer he loves video games.  He always wants to play them - always!  So now if he wants to play them he will have turn in some points from jobs he has finished to be able to do this.  His video game reward is set at 250 points.  That might seem high, but not when you consider he can rake in a possible 860 points during each week from doing the basics like keeping his room clean, brushing his teeth, taking out the garbage and doing his homework, rewards can add up quickly.

My Job Chart is a great way to get kids involved.  Kids simply log in and they can see what jobs they have to do each day  (morning or night) click on a job when it's done and the best part - mom or dad get an email sent to them notifying them a job has been completed.

My Job Chart is totally innovative for today's tech kids and it beats arguing, it's fun and rewarding for everyone.  My kids absolutely love seeing their jobs, and love looking at their rewards page.

Thanks Mom Select for showing this to me and allowing me to share this info with my readers.  Very cool and two thumbs up!



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