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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

random tuesday thoughts: it's been a wild and wacky week of funny stuff

It's Random Time, Keely over at the UNmom makes me do this each week and God Love her for it!  This week has been stressful at the Shaw house.  My dad got ill suddenly, went to the hospital because he might have a blood clot in his leg.  My mom and me are both stressed because our co-op might be re-zoning and we might lose our homes and won't find out till next.  But it's been a fun week, too!    


So we are sitting on the sofa when it dawn on me our hampster was being awfully quiet.  She's never quiet.  I went over to check on her and immediately noticed the lid to reptile cage, because it only makes sense to put a rodent in a reptile cage, well the lid was off.  No hamster inside!

We instantly started looking.  Under chairs, couch cushions, under the fridge, small corners and behind the television.  My mind racing because the door had been open all afternoon, it was sunny.  What if she got out?  What if she's hurt -- or worse.  What if the cats got her?

FD is looking.  Gamer is looking and I am, too.  The telephone rings and it's my mom.  I handed the phone to my four year old who had just started crying because he was worried about his fur ball.  Willingly he grabs the phone and says...

"Nana!  Nana! My cats ate my cookie!"

I could not stop laughing.  It was so very funny, he kept shouting it over and over.  My cats ate my cookie!  Our hamster's name is Oreo.

We did find her eventually after looking for over a half hour.  My son gets back on the phone and tells my mom.  "Yep we found her.  She was doing laundry!"

She was found behind the washing machine.

Note: We did end up getting Oreo a new habitat because she was constantly trying to get out of the square reptile cage we had her in.  She loves her new home.


So the boys and head down to 7 Eleven for a slurpee, a treat I sometimes give them after spending an afternoon outside when the sun is shining and we are laughing and having fun.  I hate going to 7 Eleven though, it's not a nice area.  For some reason many of our homeless people and drug addicts have chosen to hang out on that particular corner.

Anyhoo, there is a man (homeless) I'm guess from the way he was dressed in rags, dirty, unshaven and looked like he hadn't eaten in a decade.  Well that and the big sign he was holding saying ... "I'm homeless, will work for food, feed me, I cook, clean, will mow lawns, scrape dirt off your street, any change you can give, Thank you and God Bless... " and the sign went on and on.

Another man very well dressed gets out of his shiny sports car.  The boys and I are standing outside when I noticed the man made a small detour toward the homeless man holding the sign, and I thought.... "Awww that's nice he's going to give him some money."

But the businessman did not give the homeless man money.  Instead he walked right up to him and pointed his finger at him and said... 

"You know if you spent half the effort you used into making that sign into getting a job, you wouldn't find yourself making signs and would have a job!"  Then he turned and walked away.

I looked at the homeless man and he looked at me and my boys.  He chuckled and said... "Guess that was my business tip for the day."


My best friend Shoelessmommy always comes over and we have girl time watching our shows, American Idol, Biggest Loser, Extreme Homemaker... we sit and laugh and have fun and chat about our day with the kids and what-not.

Lately - every time she comes over, no matter where she sits down, my sofa, bed or chair.  She magically changes the channel on my television with her ass.  So now I hide my remotes.


Just when you think your kids aren't listening, they are.  Yesterday, Shoelessmommy came over with Lil Miss and she and Pickle were playing when Lil Miss began to have a bit of tantrum over something.  She wouldn't stop, despite Shoeless telling her daughter she was going to have consequences if she kept it up.  My son watching her, no stranger to tantrums himself, turns to Lil Miss and says...

"You know you need to put the anger in your pocket.  That's what my ma tells me, put it there, in the pocket.  That's where it goes."



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