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Friday, May 28, 2010

bash my brains in and call a doctor my four yr old is whining

Omg, it must be something in the water or the air maybe.  Maybe it's the rain that has befallen upon us in the past two days out here in Abbotsford.  I don't really know but if it doesn't stop soon, I'm going to pluck out my eyes, rip off my ears and run screaming naked like a bush bitch through the mall until security traps me and hauls me away for a much needed vacation at the funny farm.

PB can't stop whining.  He whines about everything lately and it's driving me insane!

PB: Mommy I want daddy to play basketball with me, why won't he play basketball, can you play ps2 with me, I wanna watch Speed Racer, someone get me a drink, no juice, chocolate milk!  I wanna drink now!  No computer mommy let's go outside, no rain I don't care if I get wet, I want a bath, give me a bath Now!

and on and on and on...

He yells.
He screams.
He throws a fit.
And cries like we are beating him.

It's insane!

I sit here and I try to remember Gamer who is eleven now doing these things and I cannot.  It's like that part of my life with my first child has been completely erased, giving me nothing to go on, nothing to draw from, nothing to compare to.  WTF?

FD (Forgetful Dad) says it's just a phase PB is going through but phase my ass, the little bum better learn that whining is not the way to win mommy's heart or get what he wants.  Worst part is - I cannot talk to him to explain how we do things.  He refuses to listen.  He covers his ears and shouts at me that he won't until the paint peels off the walls to go someone else's house to sit on because even they cannot stand the loud and obnoxious behavior from this four yr old driving the house mad with his thunder.

Guess I will have to find another approach to parenting because everything I have tried has essentially failed.  So for now I'm back to eating chocolate and wallowing in my dreaded day of events of PB shouting out to the world what he wants.

Lord give me strength!



MonkeeMama on May 28, 2010 at 6:24 AM said...

The whine OH the whine! You just can't please them sometimes. I love that he asks for chocolate milk, as my kids always do when we have NONE. Presto! It appears out of thin air. Haha! I also hear that the moon is throwing people out of whack too.

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