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Friday, May 14, 2010

canucks player willie mitchell has some harsh words for campbell

It took me all day but I finally found it.  I was hanging out at watching press interview Willie Mitchell when the Canucks defenceman had some harsh words for Colin Campbell regarding the non-existence of disciplinary action handed down throughout the playoff series, not just for the Canucks but for other teams as well.

Michell goes on to talk about Colin Campbell's lack of action due to his being friends with certain parties in the NHL and how making emotional decisions like that with friendships on the line can be a bit of a conflict of interest and how the players in the league and GM's need to get together and have an outside party hand down disciplinary action so that more hockey players do not end up injured or worse - dead on the ice.

Mitchell is upset about the hit he took from Malik back in the season with no disciplinary action called against the player who caused Mitchell to suffer a concussion that ended his season short.

I am proud of Willie for standing up and speaking the truth about the league, it's lack of consistency we all saw during the playoffs which was downright ugly.  Goals getting disallowed only later to discover they should have been allowed.  No action taken for severe hits or infractions made upon players as if the ref's are that blind.  It was sick to watch!

Good for you Willie!



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