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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

facebook etiquette: do you follow these steps?

Okay so most of us use Facebook and if you don't well you should be.  I use Facebook not only for business purposes but to keep in touch with friends and family members not living near me, school teachers, events around town and more.  But what about etiquette?  Is there such a thing where social media sites are concerned?  Apparently there is and according to the Abbotsford News here they are:

1.) Don't post things you don't want your boss, mother, significant other to read.  If you feel guilty posting it you probably shouldn't.  Things like "I got munched on last night by a guy who lick the bark off a tree..." yeah your mom prolly shouldn't know about.

2.) Don't forget if you play hooky with your friends only to have them post pics of you guys at the beach the next day isn't probably a great idea and making fun of your boss or someone else important in your life in your status you shouldn't do.

3.) Keep your relationships between you and your spouse private.  Mushy notes do not need to pop up in your news feed. (Okay don't totally agree) I love it when my husband leaves me a quick note on my wall thanking me for something or saying he loves me.  If you've been dumped or dumped someone however I do not like reading ugly break-up words on FB.  

4.) Be grammatically correct - Whatever this one I do not feel belongs in this list.  I know my friends don't care when I'm typing fast and spell dinnerwear wrong.

5.) Don't over post it clogs a news feed.  Nobody wants to know what you ate for dinner or where you are going.  That is what Twitter is for.

6.) Don't post 300 photos from last night's party or event you went to.  It's not exciting to everyone else.  (I love seeing photos so post if you want) I have the right to not look if I don't want to and FB does not post all 300 on the news feed.) You can hide who you want when you want in your news feed by the way.

7.) Careful when tagging.  (Not sure why this one is up?)  I mean there is a risk at any social site you will be tagged drinking a beer with a magic smoke in your mouth especially if you live in Canada on FB.  But if you don't want the pic up then kindly ask your friends to remove it, simply as that or live with the consequences.  Real friends don't post bad pics anyhow that's just mean.

8.) Don't jam your friends with invites to Mafia World or farmville or quiz results.  Ummmm okay those things actually don't go in the news feed but in notifications and you can control which notifications you want to see on your feed or which ones you don't. Besides I like seeing things like this so I can get more points on my games thank you very much.

9.) Don't swear online.  (Mmmmmmmmm not sure about this one.  I swear in my blog if it calls for it.  I have sworn on FB before as well calling a friend a jack ass or what not.) Again though I guess mom doesn't want to hear your potty mouth or your boss but then maybe you should not have your boss on your friends list.

10.) Privacy Settings be sure to check them.  You can block who you want from a variety of different areas on your FB settings.  This is a given I think unless you are open to the whole world knowing everything about you.

What other types of etiquette do you follow when socializing online?  Share below and let us know.



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