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Monday, May 17, 2010

oprah introduces us to the smith family on her show today

I love Oprah, especially when she has one of my favorite movie stars on - Will Smith graced the show today with his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, their children Trey, Willow and Jaden and their extended family, Will's ex-wife, her husband, grandparents and family.

Oprah talks to the Smith family not just about their acting as both Will and Jada are big named movie stars, but how raising their family in the business affects them and how they do it, with all the pressures and stress that goes along with acting and being Hollywood parents.

I found a lot of what both mom and dad (Will & Jada) said about their love life, marriage and the goals they want for their kids incredible!  It was totally neat to listen to them talk as many of us think big named movie stars are out of our league, have it easy or are spoiled.  But the Smith family is a regular family with blessings.

Will Smith states: He wants his children to strive for an excellence that both he and his wife know they cannot give their kids as it has to come from within, but it's their job to help their children realize their potential, push for that excellence to give more of themselves so the people they meet in their lifetime are inspired.

That is what we all want, don't we really?  For our kids?  For them to be productive members of society, give of themselves and give to others so they can make a difference in the world.

Oprah showed a clip of Will at the almost the same age his oldest son Trey is, nineteen, he was singing "Parents just don't understand." rap song.

Oprah asked Will what he has learned now he didn't know back then and Will replied...  "Parents don't have to understand they are in charge."

Will and Jada's son Jaden who starred with Will in The Pursuit of Happiness a few years back (an incredible movie by the way) is starring in the remake of the Karate Kid which is produced by both Will and Jada together.  The Smith family moved to China for four months to shoot the film, also starring Jackie Chan so that Jaden could train for the role.  The movie opens in June 2010.  A clip is below.

Asked about their careers:  Will tells his children to think about one thing:  When you choose a role you have to think is the person watching this, a grandmother, mother, father, child going to be a better person coming away from the experience and enjoy themselves.
I cannot wait to see this film.  There are a lot of Youtube haters and other bloggers commenting on the fact the lead role is being played by an African American which totally disgusts me.  Ralph Macchio who originally starred in the role was Italian, nobody said shit about it.  This is a classic remake and one that will be fun for the whole family, teaching kids about confidence, standing up for themselves and facing their problems instead of running away.

When asked by an audience member of Oprah how they (The Smith's) deal with punishments for bad behavior in their family.  Will Smith stated this:

"We don't believe in punishment, there are consequences to your actions.  You can have as much freedom as you want, cut your hair, color it, have your room the way you want, go out, as much freedom as you can handle but as soon as you do something that is detrimental to yourself and you can't be trusted with your freedom you are pulled back.  It's not about punishing, it's about protecting you from the damage you can do to yourself..."
Will Smith's oldest son Trey could not go with the family to China for the four months.  Will flew back every weekend to see his son Trey who plays football out on the field because he couldn't be on the trip with them.  That's amazing!

As the show went on Oprah discusses the journey Will and Jada took together as parents and coworkers working on this film and how difficult it was for them.  Jada states:  They go over many hurdles by realizing their strengths and weaknesses and how they can or cannot depend on each other in certain areas creatively.

She was talking about Will's journey to teach his son acting, like hunting and how difficult it was as mom to watch.  He's eleven and there needs to be balance and they as a family had to find that.

At the end of the show Oprah showed a clip of the movie "Seven Pounds" which stars Will Smith.  It's the story about a man who kills seven people while texting and driving.  She got the Smith family to sign her petition which started in January of 2010 to raise awareness against texting and driving.  A really great cause!

One of my favorite Oprah (celebrity) shows to date.  The Smith family can teach each us a little something about being parents, marriage and more.  Check for more details on today's and other dates being shown in her final year on television.



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