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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

body carving the new tattoo art form

These images are not for the squeamish, just to forewarn you.  The pictures depicted below can cause you to throw up, faint, run screaming from the room "no don't touch me!" and even eat with plastic utensils from now on.

Omg when I saw this I was totally grossed out.  I have never been one for even tattoos, though many of my friends have tats and I'm slowly coming around to the idea of maybe even getting one myself - I SAID MAYBE.

Tattoos have been around for centuries.  A needle and some ink and a permenant body art somewhere you desire later and whaaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaa.  You have just been tattooed.

Now some tattoos are actually beautiful.  I will admit they are forms of artistic greatness, some of the ones I have seen.

My g/f has one on her back.  It's both of her children's feet prints when they were babies, their names and dates of birth and in between the middle of her back are smaller and tinier feet prints for all the babies she loved and lost during her life.  I nearly cry each time I see it.

This is pretty a friend of mine got the Pisces symbol on her leg, colorful and unique!

I have had friends get VW symbols, Elmo, Butterflies, Snakes on fire.  Many different types of artistic styles and I am even friends with an artist who tattoos people for a living.  But never in my life have I seen anything like this...

It's called Carving or Scarification meaning scaring because that is what these people are doing to themselves and it is beyond me why... Take a peek if you dare.

Yep that's her skin being cut out in chunks.  YUM!


I don't know about you but I think I'll stick with traditional tattoos.  If I wanted to carve out my skin I certainly wouldn't pay to do it when I could easily get a good close friend to do it for me for free.




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