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Sunday, May 23, 2010

things they don't tell you about being a mom

When I first became a mother I was totally out of element.  I didn't really want kids, not really.  My mother ran an in-home daycare through my entire childhood, plus I had two brothers of my own who tortured me.  So the idea of having kids just wasn't a top priority for me.

But from the first moment I held my first born, my son Gamer, looked into his eyes and felt that quickened beat of my own heart.  I knew what love (real deep love) felt like for another human being.  However, that being said.  There were a few things I learned along the way, three boys later...  Things they don't tell you about being a mom.

1.) When your kids go missing you will actually throw up wherever you are after you find them and be happy you did!

2.) You will actually hear your mother's voice echoing out of your own mouth when you say things like... "because I said so."  or "I don't care if you hate me you are still grounded!"

3.) You will NEVER never NEVER and I mean NEVER ever be done with laundry because there is always a basket full somewhere in the house.

4.) Whining is a form of kid manipulation that when added with tears can actually tug at your heart strings and dupe you so you are the idiot while the little people get away with murder!

5.) That saying "The more the merrier" does NOT apply when you have six kids sleeping over at your house .

6.) That sex will be something you only ever get to watch on tv and remember having before you had kids who don't knock or ever sleep when they are supposed to.

7.) That watching your kid play hockey and get knocked down or hit by another player can actually make you cringe... I always thought it was just a word, never thought I'd do it.

8.) That you WILL have to go back to school for a second time and this time you are more aware and even angry when HOMEWORK isn't done.  Weird eh?

9.) That watching your children grow up and move forward in their life will actually make you feel older than you are and question your mortality - something you never did when you were 20 with a long island ice tea in your hand at 2 am in the morning.

10.) That you could ever feel love this way, deep and pure, forgiving anything, supporting everything and that these little people mean more to you than any goal you've ever accomplished, no matter how under-paid this job, how un-recognized, un-appreciated, doesn't matter because from the first moment you hear their first cry to the moment they leave you and go off to collage, the job is never ending, wonderful, scary, upsetting, filled with worry, greatness, rewards more than you expected.

What have you learned about being a mom?



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