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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

where is your happy place? random tuesday thoughts


It's Tuesday which means it's time for some randomness.  I came across this blog post "How to Find Your Happy Place" by Lolli.  I thought - hey great idea to share with my readers and discover what their happy place is.  Everyone has one and if you don't -- you should.

When life bogs me down, dealing with bipolar depression, husband with a brain injury, child with special needs, being low income and more.  It's important to have a place to go to so a freak out doesn't happen which can turn UGLY if I don't go to my happy place(s).

1.) Reading a book - always calms me down especially if I throw in a bubble bath and some candles, away from the kid-lets for a few moments of mom time.

2.) Walk around Mill Lake.  Very tranquil and rejuvenating to boot.  There is nothing more relaxing than talking a walk through a wooded area with a surrounding lake to add some peace to your day.

3.) Cuddle with a stuffy.  Okay sounds lame I know but I have a favorite stuffy and yes the idea of a grown woman laying on a bed cuddling a stuffed animal might sound like a call for the men in white coats, but really it's relaxing and soothing to snug-a-bug with a stuffy.  Try it lol.

4.) Video Games.  Yeah I know okay mom ummm don't we try to discourage our kids from playing video games?  Well yes - yes we do.  I only let my boys play them for a few hours on weekends only, not during the week.  But when life bogs me down I will sneak into Gamer's room and play a little ice hockey or battle beasts in Spyro.  It takes my mind off things.

5.) Scrapbooking - One of my favorite things to do online.  I love taking pictures from the past and creating works of art.  It's relaxing and puts me in a happier mood especially if I feel like I'm accomplishing nothing.

So what or where are your happy places?  What do you do for mom time before you allow life to turn you UGLY and stress to invade your space?  Share it with us.  We wanna know.

If you participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts then please take a minute to hop on over to visit Keely at the UNmom and post your linky there.  She's a totally cool chick and fun to read!


1stopmom on May 11, 2010 at 1:59 PM said...

My happy places include: watching a movie, playing a few video games (which means sometimes I get to pull out my Nintendo)and taking a long hot shower with some really good body wash.

Lolli on May 12, 2010 at 8:00 AM said...

Perfect list of ideas! And you know I completely agree that everyone should have a "Happy Place."

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