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Thursday, June 3, 2010

baby safe travel rocks for vacationing mums and dads

I wish there was a site like this when Gamer was a baby ohhhh eleven years ago, but eleven years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter or the variety of mom and dad blogs that swarm the net today.

Back then MSN was the big thing and if you wanted to find information on traveling with your baby.  Well you did the only thing logical, you went to the library to find text books on the subject.  Thanks Goodness today is different and this site Baby Safe Travel makes baby travel  anywhere in the world a piece of cake for moms and dads.

Baby Safe Travel provides a search for Air, Hotel & Car rentals through to find you the cheapest and most affordable rates for traveling worldwide and showcase featured hotels with deals per night.  But more than that, they offer travel tips with baby in different weather conditions, baby blogs and a baby boutique for all your travel gear and apparel.  So when baby needs those cute pair of baby sunglasses to keep their eyes protected, you know just where to go for your family vacation ideas.

Baby Safe Travel can be found on Facebook, Twitter and is a great resource for moms and dads traveling with babies and kids.  So head on over and check them out today and make your travel adventure easier than you could have ever imagined.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post through PPP and I was compensated for writing the post.  I have given my honest opinion on the site and information I have provided is of my own view, compensation in no way reflected the outcome.   I do not promote products or sites I do not feel will benefit or interest readers of Rants n' Rascals.


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