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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

internet explorer 8 teams up with kinsa to help protect kids online

Everyone knows there are a variety of platform browsers to use on your desktop PC's or laptops but what should you use when it comes to allowing your kids time on the Internet?  Keeping children safe online is getting more difficult as technology moves forward.  Here is what I have learned as a parent.

1.) Kids now have access at school to go on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other online sites where they could potentially meet predators without their parents knowledge.

2.) Every kid no matter how disciplined or how well behaved will grow curious and search for inappropriate content just to see what it is.  Keeping them safe isn't always easy and talking to them about the risks is the best way a parent can help protect their child online.

3.) Internet Explorer 8 has teamed up with KINSA (Kids Internet Safety Alliance) to help ensure safety online for kids in Canada and worldwide.  

KINSA is a charitable organization that offers training to build an elite network to help protect children online.  Internet Explorer 8 is trying to raise money to help the organization with their cause to help make kid surfer safe.  To date they have raised $3, 446 dollars.

You can join KINSA'S facebook page to help spread the word.  Dont' forget to grab the button above to put on your blog or site to help support this amazing cause.  Just right click and save.



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