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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fraser health not responsible for woman's death


An Abbotsford woman dies because government care-workers put her on the wrong ventilator and there isn't anything her family can to do for either monetary compensation or justice wise because basically our government prohibits prosecution of Fraser Health because the Family Compensation Act does not allow it in cases like this family.  WTF?  

These caregivers (not paying attention) took the woman out of her bed on a ventilator, put her in a chair with a ventilator because it's the cheaper way to go because it uses battery power and not electricity and then put her back in bed but left her plugged into the chair with little battery life left.

And to top it off the alarm that was supposed to go off, the one that would have had she been hooked up right in bed and not the chair was so quiet because this new chair suggestion (the cheaper one) is equipped with a low alarm, which the caregiver thought was the same as the alarm on the bed used to notify them that a battery is low.  I guess it's so they don't have to hear people dying and feel the guilt they did nothing to stop it.

Fraser Health has admitted to mistakes being made at the $6000 per month care facility and has ensured the family that changes have been made in the form better equipment being purchased and better training procedures being implemented in a letter they sent to the deceased woman's husband.  Yeah like that's supposed to  make you feel better after she'd only been there for 16 days.

It makes me sick that our government will not hold this care facility accountable for their (human errors).  I mean yes we are human, all of us, and mistakes are a part of life but when that mistake leads to the death of another human being and our government says "Oh well sorry about not plugging your wife in sir!  Oops our bad!"

The deceased woman's family believes if punishments were available better care would have been given to their loved one but since nothing can be done why should they care, right?

Remind me to build myself my own damn battery pack before I get old will you?

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