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Friday, June 4, 2010

mcdonald's massive recall of shrek tainted glasses

Wow!  That's all I can say about this.  Wow!  We trust this big burger franchise, McDonald's.  I mean the Golden Arches is like the first symbol our kids pledge allegiance to.  You wouldn't expect this company to sell over 12 million themed glasses to children that are unsafe.  But that's exactly what they've done.

McDonald's has recalled over 12 million Shrek glasses from the promotional campaign for Shrek Forever that just came out less than two months ago.  Each glass is hand painted depicting characters from the movie and it's that paint that's the culprit in this recall.

Cadmium was tested at higher than allowed levels in the paint used to decorate these fun colored glasses used by children worldwide.  McDonald's is cooperating in the recall, despite the fact that here in Canada they have stated the levels are not beyond consumer safety.  They are still following suit with the United States and going ahead with the recall anyhow.

Consumers are urged to stop the using the glasses. 
Cadmium with long term exposure can cause liver failure, bone softening, kidney trouble, respiratory illness and varying other degrees of health and safety issues.
Children are at risk because they hold the glass in their hands and the cadmium gets on their fingers and kids as we all know put their fingers in their mouths.
McDonald's has stated more recall information and how to get a refund for your purchased tainted glasses will be released next week.  Check this article for more information.  
It's sad nothing is safe anymore.  Not what we eat.  Toys we give our children.  Baby products like cribs.  Cars we drive.  It's like we should live in a bubble and just hope for the best.

So far nobody has become ill.  I have used these glasses and my youngest has as well.  But I've since thrown them out.  I don't care about getting my money back.  My children's welfare is worth more than four bucks.



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