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Thursday, June 17, 2010

top 10 things you want to do with your kids before they grow up

As moms it's always hard, watching our babies grow into toddlers, take their first steps, learn to talk, then learn to talk back, go to high school, move on and eventually leave us.

I know for myself, I cherish every moment I have with the boys.  Gamer is eleven now and wanting to do more things on his own.  PB is four and still has a hard time hugging or showing affection at times.

But what I think of is what's in my bucket list (not just for me) but as a mom and all the things I want to do with my kids before they grow up.

1.) Take them to Disneyland.  I went as a kid and loved it, even got emotional.  I cannot wait to see their faces shine because no matter how old you are it's a place where your childhood reaches up and snags you with a hug.
2.) Bury a time capsule of memories we all have.  Me as a mom with pictures, wishes for them, dreams I have for them, and them dreams for themselves, things they loved about me as a mom, to open ten years later together and share.
3.) Go skiing or snowboarding.  The boys want to go badly but we can never afford it.  One day we will (before they grow up lol)
4.) Bury each other in the sand.  Gamer always asks me but I always say no because as a woman getting sand in those uh - sensitive areas wasn't something I wanted.  But I think maybe this summer I will allow it and have fun.
5.) Take the boys cave splunking.  A little scary because it's a dark cave but they both want to try it, even PB whose only four.  He wants to see Oogopogo lmao.
6.) Renew my vows with my husband and have PB be a ring boy.  Gamer was our first ring boy before PB was born when we became a family.  I think holding another ceremony that allows PB to be a part of it would tie it all together.
7.) Take a hot air balloon ride.  Our airport has them for kids for free and I'm terrified of heights I mean really terrified but I think they would love to do it.
8.) Visit Drumheller in Edmonton and take the kids to the Calgary Stampede.  My boys love bull riding (of course)  The boys also love dinosaurs.
9.) Create a birth record on DVD for the kids to keep and share as they get older.  I have so many pictures to scrapbook and use but never seem to find time.  I guess no time is the right time to start.
10.) Lay on the grass and stare up at the clouds and search for all the animal shapes.  I did this as a kid but have never done it with my own boys, wierd eh?

What would you like to do with your kid before they grow up?

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