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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wordful wednesday: jonah jones so sweet

My parents went away last weekend to K-town for my Aunty W's and cousin Car's surprise b-day party put on my other cousin Lisa Lee.  It was a big family gathering which FD and I could not go to because we were not feeling great and had to dog sit.

While they were there mom told me this story about a tiny bird, a wild bird, a swallow to be exact and how it came to Lisa's house for a visit.  It chased her and she was scared of it a little (at first) but man this bird made friends fast.

Take a look as my cousin runs from this bird, everyone is laughing.

Little Jonah Jones (they named him) spent the day with the family and seemed to enjoy himself.  It's strange really to see a swallow (wild at that) acting this way with everyone.  A few years ago Lisa's dad, my uncle passed away from Cancer and I told my mom the bird made me think that maybe the bird was my uncle's way of saying he was there, close to everyone, watching over them and loving them.

Jonah sitting on my brother Shayne's head

Then Jonah decided to take a nap.  It actually curled up on Shayne and slept.

Jonah with one of my uncles (R) cozying up.

Lisa finally warmed up and wasn't so scared as she and Jonah became friends.

Jonah getting a pet

Hanging out

This is only a few of our very large family.  I'm sorry we missed the party but happy birthday Car and Aunty W.  I hope you guys had a blast and enjoyed the festivities.  We will hopefully see you guys this summer when we come up.  Love you all!

If you participate in Wordful Wednesday head on over to and post your linky there and have some fun showing off your photos that make you smile.
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