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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wordful wednesday: track and field rainy goodness

FD hiding his face.  It was a long day volunteering.

I woke up this morning to my oldest son Gamer (he's eleven) in a frantic panic informing me we all had to get up because today was his school wide Track & Field meet at the Rotary here in Abbey and that he'd volunteered Forgetful Dad to help out.

Don't you love it when our kids tell us things at the last minute.

So up we got and out the door with toast crumbs on our sleeves, blankets, water, juice and we headed to 7-Eleven for some much needed coffee before venturing off to the stadium to set up for the event and in the rain no less.

The weather was awful but it did not put a damper on the day.  In fact it was quite the opposite.  Six schools grades 4 & 5 competed against one another in a variety of events that ranged from: high jump, long jump, Frisbee throw, ball toss, 800m, 400m, 200m, 80m, hurdles and the relay race.  They raced against one another but as far as competition went.  It was a totally different story...

When I was in school and we did Track & Field, the competition was fierce.  We also had shot-put and discus not Frisbee and ball toss.  Guys tripped each other to get past one another as they raced down the lane-way to make sure they struck first coming across the finish line.

The kids out here, the kids at the meet today showed a little bit of competitiveness and a lot more support of one another.  And boy was it a real treat to watch.  Even the weather couldn't stop the fun all the kids were  having.

Forgetful Dad rested on the finish line and his job was to count the runners as they came across for the top eight spots so ribbons could be handed out.

It was a real treat to see kids from different schools cheering not just those students from their perspective schools but also other kids, friends they knew and even those they didn't as each student aimed for first... second and third place or even those who came last.
Kids from different schools cheered on the special needs kids all the way to the finish line.

By the midway point they did the special needs race and my heart lept as we watched these students with disabilities that ranged from mental retardation, cerebral palsy (which our youngest has but very mild in comparison) to those who were blind, hang onto students arms as they ran, walked and even skipped their way across the finish line.

The roar from the crowd was definitely something our community and students from district 34 should feel proud of.
The kids had front row seats on the grass next to the finish line.

Gamer waits his turn at the high jump

Pickleboy watches the race as he brother aims for a finish in the 80m race.

It was a great day all in all.  Gamer competed in all the events and his ribbons ranked from 3rd to 8th and he had a blast and I have to say.  Events like this are one of the things I absolutely enjoy as a parent.

* If you participate in Wordful Wednesday head on over to Seven Clown Circus.

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