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Thursday, March 26, 2009

american idol: allison irahata rocked motown week!

Okay yesterday's show was amazing I have to say. First of all because I love Smokey Robinson, and secondly because most of the performances were better than last week THANK GOD!

I thought everyone did pretty well this go round. The bottom three won't be hard to pick though, not for me at least. I'm choosing Michael whom I really like but I had agree with the judges. His performance was good but not good enough. I don't think he has the gusto to win. I think though he could be an amazing country recording artist and I would buy his album if he ever made one.

Second to go down-town has to be Megan who just so takes the JOY out of this competition with her damn squeaky voice and one armed tattoo. I don't like her. I haven't since the beginning. I still can't believe they sent Jasmine home and kept her. I hope she goes home.

Third person to go to the chair I think is going to be our blind piano man, though I really like Scott. I think he's sweet and thought the judges were way harsh on him, especially Simon.

It pisses me off because every week they give different advice. Sing slow, don't sing slow, show us your voice, stop screaming!, don't wear that outfit, wear that outfit, don't use your instrument, use your instrument... .

My head hurts listening to them as I'm sure do the remaining singers left via for the top spot in this years race. I know I wouldn't be able to take all the advice when it is constantly changing that way.

Tonight I really enjoyed Kris's performance, Danny rocked singing GET READY, Adam just blew me away with his sweet and sexy sound. Did you guys all see his suit? No black nails or punked out hair. I was totally shocked.

But who really made me clap my hands and scream at the TV (something I do often during Idol) shut up! I mean be quiet please or I'll punch you in the nose... was Allison.

She is only 16 years old and man Cara said it right... you can't teach that.

The way she sounds. I'd love to hear her sing BETTY DAVIS EYES by Kim Carnes. But she did one better with PAPA IS A ROLLING STONE and took the night for me.

If she ends up in the bottom three I swear I'll be pissed upset lol. Guess I will have to wait and see.
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