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Saturday, March 21, 2009

picasso at work

So there I was sitting on my couch talking to my gf (Jen) after she had a long day at work, gabbing about the sale at the store she runs Above the Underground and how I missed it. Jake and Dav were upstairs playing video games. Trace and Aliyah were upstairs...

Or so I thought!

All of sudden Trace comes into the living room. "I sawwry mama, all yer colors are gone."

I turned my head and there before us were a couple of short people covered in enough black goop, they looked like they were getting ready to rob a bank.

"I drew guys fer you," he said with pride.


Now of course I was upset. They were quiet. I thought they were upstairs playing with their brothers. I looked at them and they were a mess. I could only imagine what they had done as I followed Trace to the main bathroom.

That's when I discovered Picasso had been at work and his partner in crime had helped.

They had gotten into my make-up, mascara all over their faces and all over the falls. All my make-up was scattered on the floor, inside the toilet and in pieces. Lipstick, eye-liner adorned my walls. It was such a beautiful site... NOT!

I told Trace he was wrong for touching my things. We don't color on the wall. We color on paper. My make-up bag wasn't out either in plain site for him to get into. It was hidden under the sink and he knew he shouldn't have touched it.

After cleaning them both up and talking to Trace about it and he apologized. He explained he drew a picture of the black guy and red guy passing the puck back and forth. I could actually see what he meant, thus the red and black marks all over the wall.

I gave each of them a cloth and told them to wash it. Trace immediately did as he was told. Aliyah hid her face when Jen told her WASH! Meanwhile Jen and I watched, trying not to laugh at the situation because it was quite funny.

My little man. He's such a budding artist. He loves to color. And now I have the pictures to show him if ever one day he takes his talents further...

Ahhh to be three!


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