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Saturday, March 21, 2009

twilight craze: dvd launch

I love Stephenie Meyer's. Her Twilight series (I'm on book 2 New Moon) is incredible and I have to admit when I first learned about it, I thought (I'm not gonna read something a bunch of young girls are reading) I mean why would I?

But I dove in and boy am I glad I did. I'm a twi-mom apparently as I learned tonight. I have no daughters to share the experience with as today was THE day. It was the launch of Twilight on DVD, and out here in Abbotsford the girls were out in swarms.

Walmart decided to stay open late (usually closing at 11pm) but instead opted to keep themselves open until one in the morning. And to make things interesting a threat went out in t he form of a chain letter to all Walmart's across the US and Canada that three random women would get shot at a Walmart (of course not named) during tonight's Twilight unveiling.

I have to say (yeah) I was a bit on edge. I mean a threat is still a threat and I did keep my eyes on the door for 2 men in long trench coats carrying big guns. I scoped out the perimeter (although I know the layout) of my Walmart like the back of my hand, my mind figuring out where I would hide if such an ugly occurrence were to happen.

But mostly I just enjoyed the waiting in line, talking to others about the movie (which I haven't seen) and the book and learning how totally crazy people are for this blockbuster series. The girls came out in roves. Each of them wearing different shirts to represent their love for Edward (main character) and vampire of the story.
I heart guys that sparkle, Give blood and date a vampire, I only date vampires (sorry)

A display was set up in the front of the store at around eleven thirty the manager came out and called our attention. He stated we were going to be given numbers and we were to return back in the main area where our numbers were going to be called and we could take our pic of which movie we wanted, either the special edition 2 disc volume or the regular movie. I of course opted for the special edition.

For the next fifteen minutes I shopped. I had to pick up some milk (Trace drinks a ton) and I had to buy some make-up because of the little mishap (read here) that happened earlier in the night with Trace acting like Picasso on my bathroom wall.

Twelve o'clock hit and Twilight was brought into the main part of the store. I could hear the cheers and I immediately felt the electric spark that generated with the over thirty people waiting in line with tickets and the other thirty waiting to get some.

21965, I heard shouted out across the crowd. It was my ticket number. I said about a half dozen excuse me's as I made my way to the front where Alan was standing.

"Do you want blueray?" he whispered to me. I stared at him in shock.

They only had so many copies of blueray available. Immediately I nodded. I guess it pays to shop at Walmart as I practically live there, knowing many of the staff by first name and they know us. I clutched my copy like it was gold.

"You didn't scream," a woman said to me as I passed by.

In the spirit of the night I gave a whoop whoop! The next number was called and another young teen ran up, tears running down her face, screaming as her precious 2 copies were handed to her and a roar of applause erupted. It was pretty cool actually.

I got my copy. Smile on my face we left the store. The cost of my blueray copy? $17.00 plus tax, which is pretty great I think. As we were leaving a group of girls trailed behind us in the parking lot, each arm in arm, each clutching a bag when I stopped them and asked if they could take out their copies and pose for a shot.

The smiles on those girls faces are clear evidence to the happiness that I'm sure spread world wide during the official movie release onto dvd. I can only imagine what will happen when movie 2 comes out. I will have to wait to find out, but I'll be there as I was happy to be a part of it.

Congratulations Stephenie on the success of your books and your movie.

You deserve it!


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