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Monday, April 6, 2009

monday mumbers: DL, famiy and kids

This is my first Monday Mumbers, so here goes...

73 = number of times my blackberry alarm went off before I finally threw it in the microwave. (Okay I didn't really).

3,249= times I actually did think about throwing it in the microwave.

3= how many times I thought about going pee before actually dragging my ass out of bed to do it.

12= number of times I explained to DH and pickle-boy I was declaring it a pajama day. Yes that means I'm not getting dressed! Good thing hockey-dude understands and all he said was nice jammies mom. I love him.

800= articles of clothing I found strewn across my bedroom floor.

30,976= nasty, rude and vile ways I thought of dismembering talking to DH for not putting the bloody clothes away properly and where they belong. Men...

30,977 = times DH forgot I had told him that.

11 = times I opened the front door letting Sir Thomas out.

11 = times I went to the damn back door to let him back in. WTF is that?

4 = number of times the same number called me and hung up.

400 = number of swear words that came into my mind preparing myself if they called that fifth time to send me over the edge.

1= number of times I've done this Monday Mumbers and it's fun.


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