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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: dsi, craig's list, pig flu

I love playing with my DSi, I really do. I enjoy it so much more than my normal DS which the boys play with now. The DSi has so many more functions. I love that I can check out my blog here online through it, go to facebook and talk to all my friends, check my email and sweep through Craig's list when I feel the need to shop.


Speaking of Craig's list... it's a great place to go when you feel that burning need to shop but have no money lol. I love going there. I look at all the furniture, some of it really really nice and some YUCKIE to the point I wouldn't let a homeless man dwell on it's fabric. Still it's an addiction I have sweeping through Craig's before settling down to write something on my laptop. I even skip through other cities like SF bay area to see all the furniture and items others there are giving away. It's tons of fun! You should try it. If you've never been go here and then punch in your city name or town and you can search your heart away.

This swine flu (H1N1) flu virus is getting really scary. So far there are 19 cases in Canada, none serious, yet. A school closed down in Vernon because a little boy came back from Mexico and he contracted the virus. When things like this happen I get very afraid, end of the world kinda thoughts roam my brain (I know I'm neurotic) but I can't help it. I just hope the CDC and Canadian government figure it out soon and can get control of this thing.


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