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Monday, May 4, 2009

monday mumbers: daily life

It's Monday mumbers! You know I hate Monday's, really do more than I hate taking pepto to help me fart when my gas makes me feel like a balloon ready to pop and explode. Okay TMI I know, but anyhow...

Doing monday mumbers makes me feel better for some reason. It gives me a chance to RANT which really is why I am here at R&R (rants n' rascals) to rant and share the things going on here in the Shaw household.

So this monday mumbers is dedicated to my child hockey dude who we are having homework trouble with. Thus meaning he has homework and doesn't want to do it. (What kid does???) I mean seriously I hated my flipping teacher sending homework home, and in fact I really didn't like school all that much either. (But shhhhh) don't tell HD that. He has to do his school work. He just has to.

3,912 times I told HD (hockey dude) that "no" he couldn't go outside to play until all his homework was finished.

21 times I had to search for online for the provinces of Canada because I had forgotten them myself. Maybe I should have paid attention in social studies (you think?).

87 times I told pickle boy to leave HD alone because he had to finish his project on the provinces and still had to complete a rough draft of some book I read before (Bunnicula) plus do his math sheets.

1,234 times PB (pickle boy) yelled at me that he was taking his brother outside and what a meaner I was for making Jake do his homework.

32 times I giggled every time the word "meaner" rolled through my brain as used by my very tenacious and stubborn 3 year old. It's a funny word.

4 times the ice cream man brought his truck into our co-op after school. We don't have any money you asshole! Now take you and your damn frozen yummies which cost more than a deck of cigarettes out of my living space, before I send my hubby outside to clock you with a frozen half loaf of bread from my empty freezer! (I love those Dora bubble gum treats... mmmmm)

63 times mom and I talked on the phone today about whatever. Co-op business, the kids, what we are making for supper, the kids again, things the people in here do and don't do and so forth... (Did I mention ma lives in the same co-op about five minutes from me?) Yep we are weird I know...

9,347 times I went to the toitie today. Man my tummy hurts. I mean there is only so many times a person can shite before their ass screams ENOUGH ALREADY! TMI TMI I know but had to share...

5 times I started writing monday mumbers and had to quit because one of the kids needed something, DH called me or the phone rang. Hey that's not bad usually it's more.

Are you ready to post your mumbers. If you are then simply steal my button above or in the sidebar, link it back to me and then post a comment letting me know you've done it so I can post your site on here. Join in the fun with posting your mumbers for the world to see now!


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