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Monday, May 25, 2009

monday mumbers: being sick

3,245 times I got up to pee in the middle of the night because of coughing too hard and my bladder decided it would malfunction every three minutes.

200 cough candies I've eaten in the past four days.

1 cup of Neo I drank which tasted like warm pee left outside in the sun for too long. Not that I know what warm pee tastes like lmao.

5,273 times I tried to raise my voice to tell pickle boy to stop doing this... or stop doing that.

8, 925 times he laughed at me because I sound like a raspy moth caught in a net. I have no voice anymore.

5 time outs I gave myself today because my patience level was teeter between manic mom and straight jacket mom.

12 time outs the kids got for not listening. I don't think the time outs are working for any of us lol.

15 times I cried today because my body aches in places I didn't know existed, I have no energy and really hate being this sick while looking after my kids. I just can't function.

4 days I've been back on my Celexa which is helping me cope (some) at least and the Pariet is making my acid reflux sooooooooooo much better. Thank God for small favors!

8 times I have watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua since my neighbor lent it to us for the kids and I and Corky to watch.

3 times pickle boy went pee in the potty this week. I am so happy. It's a start. He's getting there for only three years old.

7 times both boys told me they loved me today on their own, giving me hugs, making being sick so much easier to handle.

1 get well mommy card they made me. Here come the tears again, only this time they are happy tears. No more anger ball here.


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