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Sunday, May 24, 2009

woman accused of throwing her kids off a bridge.

I will never understand it. No matter how many times I hear about it, read about it or watch it on the news. All these stories of parents hurting their children in some violent manner, just floors me. I will never get it.

I look at the boys and I think about how vulnerable they are, fragile and trusting in both Corky and me. Why shouldn't they be, we are after all their parents. They have been taught to trust us, that we love them and will protect them, no matter what.

That's why when I hear these types of stories it makes me sick inside. How can a parent hurt their child?

A woman in Portland, Ore was accused of throwing her two children off a 75 foot bridge into a freezing cold river below, killing her young four year old son and injury her seven year old daughter. Read the story here.

Children are so innocent. Now this poor little girl who has survived this horrific ordeal has to live with the fact that her mother tried to kill her and killed her brother. How she will ever end up recovering I have no idea, but hope she does. How do you explain to a seven year old that some people just aren't in the frame of mind to deal or cope with things in life? Like that is suppose to make you feel better after some one tosses you off a bridge like a McDonald's wrapper, a piece of garbage not worth saving.

What kills me is the woman went back to her apartment and when the police came she threatened to jump off the ledge. Yeah at that point I would have said "Go ahead and jump! It's what you should have done in the first place!" But yeah I wasn't there and could only read about the horror and tragedy of this story via Twitter.

I'm going to snuggle with the boys now. I'm going to count their fingers and toys and thank the Lord they are precious little gifts and how grateful I am to be a part of them and their lives. I will also say a prayer for this little girl who right now somewhere in trying to make sense over all this ugliness in the world we live in.

Dream of roses little girl, because they do exist. Not everyone has thorns.


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