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Friday, June 19, 2009

oprah special amazing dads: matt, liz and maddie

So I'm watching Oprah when I hear about this amazing father named Matt who went through the worst loss of his life.

His wife Liz was pregnant and they were due to expect the most precious joy, the birth of his baby girl when suddenly in a painful twist of events, Liz was taken from them.

Liz suffered with a blood clot that nobody knew she had and her death was instantaneous. Matt suddenly found himself a widower, alone and helplessly raising his newborn baby girl Maddie.

With no time to grieve he jumped right in to fatherhood/mommyhood and learned the difficulties many of us have gone through.

When Liz had Maddie; Matt started a blog to show family and friends they were both doing alright. And after Liz's passing Matt continued the blog, talking about fatherhood, the struggles and his pain over losing his best friend and partner of 12 years.

We've all struggled through hard times and blogging can help. It's great to see Matt sharing his thoughts and feelings on what it's like to raise a baby girl and parenthood. READ IT (MATT'S BLOG) HERE.

It's an amazing blog with helpful information and parenting advice, heartfelt emotion and love toward the wife he lost and the love he has for Maddie his daughter.

Matt you truly are an amazing dad. Thank you for sharing your story and your feelings with all of us. Maddie will grow up and be so proud of you, and I know Liz is proud of you for all you've accomplished.


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