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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: no sleep and canada day

Another week gone by and it's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. If you post something random for the day, don't forget to head over to Keely at the (UNMOM) and post your link there. Leave a comment here too, for me as I love to read every one's randomness!

So lately I've been battling the no sleep syndrome with PB (Pickleboy) because I have created such a bad habit of allowing him to sleep with us when he was little. That now it's nearly impossible to get him to sleep in his own bed.

It doesn't help either that he has mild Asperger's which means he has sensitivity issues toward things. We've gone through five beds in 3 years for him.

His first bed was a Little Tike's wagon because he wouldn't sleep in anything else. He would cry and cry if put into his bassinet, crib or car seat. Yet when I took soft blankets and made a bed for him in the wagon; it was lights out!

I never thought anything of it because of course he was only a baby then. It wasn't until later after he was diagnosed with CP (Cerebral Palsy) then later as an Aspie kid that the things he did made sense.

He never did sleep in a crib. He just didn't like it. He moved on from the wagon to a playpen and slept in that until he was almost two; when he wasn't sleeping with us. Yes that is when I created (GAVE IN) to this merciless habit of allowing him the comfort to be close to us when sleeping.

It wasn't so bad when he was little; he didn't take up much room. But now -- now that he's three. There are arms and legs strewn across us, feet in our faces, snoring to contend with (OH WAIT THAT'S ME) ahem! But you get the picture.

We tried several beds only to have PB complain, too soft, too hard and unlike Goldilocks he has yet to find one JUST RIGHT that doesn't involve him snoozing between DH and I.

The latest bed victim was a cute loft bed with a slide. PB was so happy when he got it TO PLAY ON IT but when it came to sleeping... um yeah no. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of being up high.

The only other place he is comfortable is downstairs on the love seat. But there is a catch. I have to sleep downstairs with him and sleeping on the sofa hurts my back. So I guess I will just continue to plug along and hope that SOONER rather than LATER we can find something for him to sleep on that satisfies his needs and OURS.

I don't relish the idea of sleeping with my child until he's a grown up. That is just wrong! So for right now it's sleepless nights.


CANADA DAY! is just around the corner. Like it's tomorrow actually and DH and I are going to take the boys to the Rotary for the family fun going on there. I'll blog it later after we finish with the festivities and show you all the pics we plan to take. Every year it's a blast to go.

Then we are heading over to Ad's place; he's having a Canada Day BBQ which should be fun. We don't know many of the peeps going but I've never really had a problem with getting to know people, just feeling comfortable doing it has changed as I've gotten older. Ad is the brother of my BFF shoeless mommy and she invited us. We said we'd go so I am hoping it turns out fun.


Keely on July 2, 2009 at 6:42 PM said...

Yay, hope you had a good Canada Day!

I'd say eventually a kid will choose to sleep on his own anyway, but with an Asperger's child I'm not sure. Hope you get some sleep soon.

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